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current stats: 10 039 songs and 53 playlists !

[2024-04-25] 10 000 tracks on bringhtenoise rotation! the radio's library has now doubled since i started this project two years ago. it's been an awesome way to motivate myself to stay curious and expand my taste, as well as revisit some old classics. i have been listening and collecting music for 15 years, and i've never been so enthusiastic about it than i have been these past two years. here's to 10 000 more!
[2024-04-18] about 200 more songs added in all kinds of genres
[2024-04-04] ~200 more tracks added over the last two weeks: 2024 stuff, jazz, hip hop & dnb
[2024-03-07] 60 more tracks, some good old hip hop especially
[2024-03-01] more work on my neverending backlog of tracks to add! added ~400 tracks to various playlists, including a bunch of 2024 releases
[2024-02-19] 2 years of tunes! it's the radio's 2nd bday, who knew it would last that long? proud of the journey so far and there's more stuff coming this year
[2024-02-15] 9000 tracks on the radio ! lots of additions in many styles in the past few weeks
[2024-01-09] added some new memes
[2023-11-24] added ~100 tracks, mostly fresh 2023 soundzTM
[2023-07-09] BRING THE NOISE ! the radio's new address is now is permanently retired, but the neocities address will remain !
[2023-05-17] new music recommendation
[2023-05-16] added some new memes
[2023-05-10] added some new memes
[2023-03-29] 8000 tracks on the radio !
[2023-03-16] updated to AzuraCast version #29d12b7
[2023-02-24] new music recommendation
[2023-02-23] tweaked site CSS a bit to hide scrollbars
[2023-02-20] added more 2022/2023 tracks
[2023-02-19] 1 year of tunes ! happy birthday \o/
[2023-02-18] added ~150 tracks to funk, drum & bass, 2022/2023 playlists !
[2023-02-?] updated to AzuraCast version #159272c
[2023-02-14] transferred all music files to an SSD drive
[2023-02-13] added a bunch of songs to modern funk playlist, refined the jazz fusion playlist
[2023-02-11] removed tech house, electro house, progressive house/trance from house playlist => techno playlist
[2023-01-30] updated to AzuraCast version #799f59c. changed volume slider so that it appears on chromium based browsers (not perfect, but at least visible). made all playlists avoid playing duplicate artist or title within a 400mn window
[2023-01-25] added some new memes!
[2023-01-08] updated to AzuraCast version #5d1e46a
[2023-01-06] updated to AzuraCast version #10c8069: the mute button should now be more practical to use.
[2023-01-03] made the current playlist dark blue and time indicator yellow on the schedule table
[2022-12-30] changed the playlist "classic jazz" to remove contemporary, fusion, afro jazz etc... and focus on standards & jazz greats only
[2022-12-29] enabled high-performance now playing updates, which should greatly reduce refresh delay between songs (~20s -> under 5s)
[2022-12-28] new radio station: hip hop all day erryday
[2022-12-27] upgraded RAM (8->16GB, 2->6GB for Docker)
[2022-12-26] updated to AzuraCast version #08de0f9, updated windaube
[2022-12-20] new playlist: electro swing (sunday @ 16:00 CEST)
[2022-12-12] removed all non-english tracks from the "old school hip hop" and "gangsta rap/hardcore hip hop" playlists, to make them stand out from the other hip hop-themed playlists. added ~100 tracks to movie/tv soundtracks, house and a few other playlists. separated future bass/EDM/trap and psytrance from synthwave/chiptune to make 3 playlists instead of one.
[2022-12-07] removed all non-english tracks from the "hip hop" playlist, to make it stand out from the other hip hop-themed playlists
[2022-12-06] added ~100 tracks to VGM playlist
[2022-12-03] updated to AzuraCast version #791396f, switched to "normal mode" crossfading
[2022-12-02] added ~100 tracks to VGM playlist
[2022-11-28] updated to AzuraCast version #2620d6a, fixed schedule header on Chromium browsers
[2022-11-08] 7000 tracks on the radio !
[2022-10-21] maintenance (OS update) - completed in ~4h
[2022-10-05] added ~50 tracks, mostly hip hop
[2022-10-01] added ~120 tracks, lots of synthwave and 2022 picks
[2022-09-22] added 40 tracks + some memes
[2022-09-07] maintenance
[2022-09-05] added a hundred songs to various playlists
[2022-08-01] added some memes
[2022-07-26] new playlist: music from west africa (sunday @ 11:00 CEST)
[2022-07-25] new playlists: blues (tuesday @ 19:00 CEST), desert blues (saturday @ 12:00 CEST), country & bluegrass (tuesday @ 20:30 CEST), shades of africa (friday @ 12:00 CEST)
[2022-07-22] new playlist: metal & hard rock, wednesday @ 9:00 CEST
[2022-07-05] new section: music recommendations !
[2022-07-05] updated Azuracast to version #89ad434
[2022-07-01] full schedule available
[2022-06-30] added ~50 songs (mostly video game music)
[2022-06-29] more than 6000 tracks on the radio ! added >100 songs to VGM & electronic playlists
[2022-06-27] added ~50 songs to various playlists (electronic, afrobeat, disco, reggae, funky, best of 2022...)
[2022-06-24 20:00] website repaired, apocalypse still on the horizon tho
[2022-06-24 11:00] docker-desktop update results in apocalypse. radio & website broken
[2022-06-23] added some memes
[2022-06-23] added a home button on the navbar
[time hole] stuff was built, blood was spilled, tears were shed
[2022-02-23] website created
[2022-02-19] on this fateful day, the radio was born

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